Flux Gaming

Flux Gaming is a newly created online gaming club based in South Africa. Flux Gaming’s main priorities lie in our DotA and CoD4 teams but we are looking to branch out once these two teams are stable. I encourage every gamer that visits this page to add Flux Gaming as a friend on Facebook as it will allow us to keep in touch with you and monitor how many people know we exist. We are working on buying a domain and creating a permanent website.
Refer to the DotA and CoD4 tabs for more information on your game of choice.


- Blessing (Co-Dota Manager, Main Creator)
- BruSh (Webpage Admin, Temporary-CoD4 Manager, Co-Creator)
- W-Coast (Co-Dota Manager, Co-Creator, Wow-manager)
- Acheron Soul (General Consultant, Moderator)

Thank you for visiting Flux Gaming and feel free to email us on fluxgaming@hotmail.co.za with any feedback.

Enjoy the rest of your day/night,
Flux Gaming